• SOLD Victorian Gold Cased Chalcedony & Rock Crystal Watch Key


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    A sweet little watch key from the mid Victorian period, c1860s. The key is fairly ornate with repoussé work around the outside, classic to the period, and has a pretty square white chalcedony set to one side with a clear rock crystal to the other. The rock crystal looks as though it had a foil back, but the colour of this has become somewhat distorted over time. No matter, as this little key is still very pretty and in beautiful condition. As with most watch keys from this period, this piece is gold cased meaning it has a metal core, with 15ct gold over the top. 


    Materials - 15ct Gold Cased Metal (tested), Chalcedony, Rock Crystal Quartz

    Age - C1860s

    Size - 30mm long by 10mm wide at the widest point

    Condition - Good. Colour distortion to foil behind rock crystal as noted above

    Weight - 1.94g