• SOLD Victorian Lava Cameo Gilded Metal Necklace


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    A stunning necklace from the Victorian period, c1860s. The necklace is made from gilded metal and has a row of lava cameos across the front. The cameos are said to be carved from the lava from Mt Vesuvius, at least from the terrain surrounding the volcano, and were a popular souvenir for those taking part in the Grand Tour. The ruins of Pompeii became an important stop on any travellers route and wearing pieces of jewellery containing these cameos showed how well-travelled you were. These particular cameos depict women with lovely hair details and are various colours ranging from dark grey, through olive to browns and tans. The necklace is finished with a lava cameo clasp and the whole piece is in excellent condition.


    Materials - Gilded Metal, Lava Cameos

    Age - C1860s

    Size - The necklace measures approx 16" long. Each cameo is around 11mm by 9.5mm

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 11g