• SOLD Victorian Pinchbeck 'Regard' Acrostic Heart Lock


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    A wonderful and fairly rare lock from the early Victorian period, c1840s. The lock is made from pinchbeck, a form of brass that was used as an imitation of gold mainly from the late 18th Century until the middle of the 19th Century. It was invented by Christopher Pinchbeck and you find some wonderfully intricate chains and pendants made from this material. This particular piece is an opening lock that could be used as a bracelet clasp if desired, though it is a lovely large size and would make a fabulous statement on a chain. To the front, the word 'Regard' is spelt out in paste stones. This type of acrostic jewellery was often seen during this period and was given as a token to show your love. In this example, the paste represents R uby, E merald, G arnet, A methyst, R uby and D iamond. This lock is in excellent condition and is a wonderful treasure from the past.


    Materials - Pinchbeck (a type of brass), Paste Stones

    Age - C1840s

    Size - The heart measures approx 22mm long and is around 23mm wide. The lock part of the piece makes the length 35mm long in total

    Condition - Very good. Some wear commensurate with age, please see the photos.

    Weight - 9.48g