• Victorian Silver Coin Earrings, Dated 1897


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    A pretty pair of coin earrings with a little difference. The earrings are made from silver (0.917 Silver rather 0.925 sterling silver) with sterling silver hooks. They are a pair of coins from the colonial era and are from India, dated 1897. The back side of the earrings says 'Two Annas', which was equal to 1/8 of a rupee and to the front, Queen Victoria is pictured with the words, Victoria Empress around the edge. This was the title she was given in India in 1877. I have not seen this particular coin as earrings before and it is lovely to find a little difference from the norm.


    Materials - Silver (as stated above)

    Age - 1897

    Size - The coins measure approx 15.5mm in diameter

    Condition - Good. A little wear to the centre backs so that the word 'Annas' is unable to be read in full.

    Weight - 3.43g the pair