• SOLD Victorian Silver Gilt 'All Seeing Eye' Bloodstone Seal


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    A beautiful example of a Victorian fob seal from the mid Victorian period, c1860-70. The seal is English in origin and is made from sterling silver that has been gilded to give it a gold appearance; otherwise known as silver gilt. The fob is fairly ornate in itself and has a beautiful carved intaglio bloodstone at the bottom. The intaglio shows an 'all seeing eye' at the center and the words 'May It Watch Over You' surrounding the rays that spray out from the eye. 

    Traditionally, the eye was a Christian symbol to say that God is always watching. With this wording surrounding the eye, it can be seen as a symbol of protection. The 'all seeing eye' also has connections to the Freemasons, though normally has a triangle around the eye.


    Materials - Sterling Silver Gilt, Bloodstone

    Age - C1860-70

    Size - Bloodstone 14m by 11mm.  Fob itself is 23mm long

    Condition - Very good. Some wear consummate with age

    Weight - 5.3g