• SOLD Victorian Silver Plated Vesta Case on Long Guard Chain


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    A wonderful piece from the turn of the last Century, c1900. This piece is a vesta case combined with a stamp case. It has been made from silver plated metal in the shape of a book. The book opens to the back and the front on spring loaded hinges. Beneath each of the book covers are different practical solutions. One side has a little cavity to hold matches and the other side has two placements for stamps. The outer 'book leaves' have a ridged area that would have worked as the area to strike the matches. It is a wonderful large size and is worn on a long silver coloured metal chain making the book hang somewhere on the midriff. The chain is doubled up and has a large metal dog clip to one end. The dog clip is a very pale gold/silver colour and is very much in keeping with the design of the piece, though I believe it is a replacement.


    Materials - Silver Plated Metal, Chain is Silver Tone Metal

    Age - C1900

    Size - The book measures approx 47mm by 36mm. It is approx 12mm deep. The chain measures approx 72" long and can be removed to be worn with other items.

    Condition - Good. Some wear to the silver plating on one side of the book at the hinge. Otherwise, good vintage condition.

    Weight - 59.7g chain and book together