• SOLD Victorian Sterling Silver Fede Gimmel Ring


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    A pretty ring from the late Victorian period, c1890. The ring is made from sterling silver and is a 'fede gimmel' ring. Fede is Italian for 'hands clasped in faith' and a fede ring is given as a sign of friendship or betrothal. Gimmel is the name of a ring that is composed of two or three separate rings that come together to form one. This is a pretty example; fairly simplistic in its design, two hands clasped over a hidden heart. The heart is more unusual in this instance as it is shaped as a witch's heart, distinguished by a little kink in the point. During the Victorian period, the witch's heart was given as a love token noting that the giver had been 'bewitched' by love. Pretty and comfortable to wear, this ring looks beautiful on the hand.


    Materials - Sterling Silver (tested)

    Age - C1890

    Size - Hands measure approx 18mm cuff to cuff.

            Ring size  US 7.25  UK O 1/2

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 3.4g