• SOLD Vintage 14ct Gold Bloodstone Drop Earrings


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    Beautiful vintage earrings from the mid 20th Century, c1940s. The earrings are wonderful large bloodstone balls that have been threaded onto 14kt gold ear wires. The bloodstone has a beautiful dark green colour, with some red and yellow mottling here and there, and has a wonderful shiny appearance. Real statement earrings that look incredible when worn.

    Bloodstone is thought to be a powerful healing stone with a reputation for restoring and rebuilding the body and mind.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (tested), Bloodstone

    Age - C1940s

    Size - Largest bloodstone measures 17mm in diameter

            Earrings measure approx. 50mm long from the top of the top bloodstone bead to the bottom of the final bead. This         measurement does not include the hook.

    Condition - Very good. 

    Weight - 27.94g the pair