• Vintage 14kt Gold Enamel Swordfish Charm Pendant


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    A beautiful charm pendant from the early 20th Century. The charm is made from 14kt gold and the gold to the front has a lovely matte appearance. At the centre is a spectacular swordfish that has been made in relief with the detail picked out in wonderful coloured enamel. The enamel has plenty of detail and is a painting in itself with tones of blue and white with hints of yellow and pink. It is in very good condition with only a little damage to the fin near the edge (please see the final picture and note that this is through 10x magnification). To the back, the charm has been engraved with the name 'Jean'; this is likely the French name for John, though it could also apply to the female name Jean.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (marked), Enamel

    Age - Early to Mid 20th Century

    Size - The charm measures approx 20mm in diameter

    Condition - Very good. Enamel notes as above

    Weight - 3.73g