• SOLD Vintage 14kt Gold Jade Buddha Pendant


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    A cheerful vintage talisman or charm with nephrite jade carved into the shape of a buddha. The buddha rests in a solid 14kt gold setting, which is hallmarked on the underside, and it has Chinese characters carved into the back. I believe the characters resemble those that represent good fortune and this would sit well with the idea of a lucky buddha. A cute little thing with a lovely happy face that could be added to any charm collection.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (marked), Nephrite Jade

    Age - Late 20th Century

    Size - Buddha measures 17.5mm by 13.5mm. The bale adds an extra 6mm to the length.

    Condition - Good. There is evidence of a little glue round the bottom claws. The Buddha sits securely regardless of this.

    Weight - 5.1g