• SOLD Vintage 14kt Gold Synthetic Purple Sapphire Earrings


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    A beautiful and vibrant pair of earrings from the mid 20th Century, c1940s. The earrings are made from 14kt gold and have wonderful synthetic purple sapphires that have been cut as cabochons set in chunky gold frames. The sapphires are such a wonderful colour and the light moves through them beautifully. To the top is a lovely gold dome and the earrings have screw post fittings making them very secure in the ear.

    Synthetic gemstones became popular from the 1930s onwards when techniques were refined to create gemstones with exactly the same properties as their natural counterparts. These are beautiful gems with all the same qualities though they are manmade.


    Materials - 14kt Gold (tested), Purple Synthetic Sapphire

    Age - C1940s

    Size - The sapphires measure approx 11mm by 9mm each. Based on the mm measurements this would make them approx 5cts each

            Earrings measure approx 22mm from the top of the dome to the bottom of the sapphire setting

    Condition - excellent

    Weight - 6.2g