• SOLD Antique 18kt Gold Coral Mano Cornuto Pendant


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    A wonderful antique pendant from the early 20th Century. The pendant is made from 18ct gold and is likely Italian in origin. It depicts the 'mano cornuto'; the hand with the index and pinky finger stretched out from a fist. Traditionally, when the fingers are pointing down, this is a symbol of good luck. Conversely, if the fingers point upwards, it can be seen as an offensive gesture! In this instance, the coral hand points down and is a protection talisman believed to ward off the evil eye. There is lovely fine detail on the hand and the fist fingers with little fingernails carved into the coral.

    The charm will come on a 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Materials - 18ct Gold (marked on the bail), Coral

    Age - C1900

    Size - The hand measures approx 22mm long by 8mm wide.

    Condition - Very good. The outstretched fingers have lost their tips, though they have the correct formation and this is not noticeable when worn.

    Weight - 1.98g