• Vintage 18kt Gold Figa Pendant


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    A beautiful figa pendant in excellent condition from the mid 20th Century. The hand itself is made from a wonderful dark green/black gemstone that has a beautiful chatoyancy effect to it, meaning that the light travels across the stone with a stunning reflection. I believe the stone is likely to be black jade as it has a similar refractive index and jade was often carved into these figa pendants. These figas are said to be protection symbols and to ward off evil. This one is a lovely example and in beautiful condition with 18kt gold fixtures and a little gold bracelet to complete the look.

    The hand will come on a 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Materials - 18kt Gold (marked), Black Gemstone, likely black jade.

    Age - C1960/70s

    Size - The figa measures approx 35mm long and is around 9mm wide at the top

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 3.36g pendant only