• SOLD Vintage 18kt Gold Semi-Precious Gemstone Egg Pendant


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    A pretty pendant from the mid 20th Century, c1960s. The pendant has been made in the shape of an egg and is predominantly green with black deposits throughout. I believe the pendant is a semi precious gemstone variety, and in fact, in my opinion this could be a rough emerald. The egg tests as in the beryl region on the refractometer and rough emerald often has black deposits within it. The fixtures are 18kt gold and the bail is marked as 750.

    The egg will come on a 14kt gold fill chain as pictured.


    Materials - 18kt Gold (marked), Green Gem, possibly rough Emerald

    Age - C1960s

    Size - The egg measures approx 18mm long by 11mm wide excluding the bail

    Condition - Very good. The surface of the egg is very smooth. There are miniscule pock marks throughout the surface, typical of a crystal structure. These cannot be felt, only seen through magnification and appear to be a property of the gemstone.

    Weight - 5g