• SOLD Vintage 1940s 18kt Gold Bucherer Watch Pendant


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    A wonderful piece from the middle of the 20th Century, circa 1940s. This pendant is a fully functioning watch by Bucherer. The case is solid 18kt gold and the watch has a wonderful glass high domed back and front. The clock-face has stylish numbers, classic to the period, and to the back, the watch is entirely see through meaning that you can see the working movements. It is a 15 jewel movement and it appears to keep very good time. The watch has a wind up mechanism that is simple to use; it is important to ensure that this is not overwound as is the case with all mechanisms of this type. 


    Materials - 18kt Gold (tested), Glass

    Age - C1940s

    Size - The watch measures approx 22mm in diameter and the domed glass is 17mm in diameter from back to front, almost an orb.

    Condition - Excellent. Watch is in full working order and keeping good time. As a note, there is no guarantee as to the long term functionality of the piece

    Weight - 11.35g