• SOLD Vintage 9ct Gold Fede Friendship Ring


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    A beautiful friendship ring made from 9ct gold. The ring is made of two bands with lovely  fine and intricate hands at the top clasped in a handshake. Known as a fede ring, this design has been popular since Roman times and is said to be two hands clasped in friendship, love or betrothal. This particular ring is lovely in that the two hands come apart and the rings are two separate entities. This allows for one person to wear one hand and another to wear the other; the perfect friendship ring. The two fit together in their hand clasp allowing them to be worn as a single ring too.

    The construction of these rings has an antique element about it, though they have a 1970s hallmark. Potentially, the rings could have been hallmarked later as there was a little flurry of hallmarking on older pieces in the early 1970s when the international convention hallmarks were introduced. The makers mark 'A&K' also relates to makers from the early 1900s, though these are sometimes reused in different forms.  Whether it is antique or vintage, it is a beautiful ring(s) and the detail is lovely and fine.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (hallmarked on both shanks)

    Age - 1970s due to hallmark.

    Size - The hands measure approx 13mm each, 14mm when clasped together, cuff to cuff.

            Ring size  UK  O  US 7  These rings could be resized, though once changed, they would not interlink so perfectly unless altered together.

    Condition - Very good. Some dings to the outside of one band, noted for accuracy only and not detrimental to the rings.

    Weight - 2.88g the pair.  Each ring weighs approximately half this when separated.