• SOLD Vintage 9ct Gold Mexican Coin Signet Ring


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    A lovely little vintage pinky ring, dated 1988.  The ring has a Mexican coin at the centre, which is commonly known as a 'gold fantasy token'. It sits, claw set, in a simple gold surround that has little leaf etchings on the shoulders. The shank is fully hallmarked as 9ct gold with a full English hallmark, and dated as Sheffield 1988. A perfect signet for your pinky.

    These Mexican tokens have been made since the late 1940s to the present day and were produced for collectors, jewellery use, for visiting tourists and as marriage tokens. They tend to be made from gold ranging from 8k up to 22k. I believe this one is 9kt.


    Materials - 9ct Gold (hallmarked)

    Age - Dated Sheffield 1988

    Size - The coin measures approx 8mm in diameter.

            Ring size UK 4 1/4  US I  This ring could be resized a little.

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 1.5g