• SOLD Vintage 9ct Gold Saphiret (Sappharine) Solitaire Ring


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    A pretty and simple ring from the late 20th Century, hallmarked with an unknown Sheffield maker P&I. The ring is made from 9ct gold and has a yellow gold shank with a white gold setting. At the centre is a lovely oval sappharine, a more modern version of saphiret, and this particular stone has been foil backed to intensify the colour. Saphiret/Sappharine is a form of sapphire coloured glass that has had melted gold added into it to give it a wonderful glow. Initially it has a mauve/brown colour with an aqua/blue glow that moves around the stone. This stone has plenty of colour and is a lovely eye-catching piece. I believe the sappharine is from the middle of the 20th Century and has been set in a more modern mount.


    Materials - 9ct Gold, Sappharine

    Age - Late 20th Century mount

    Size - The sappharine measures approx 10mm by 7mm

            Ring size  UK I 1/2  US 4 1/2  This ring could be resized

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 2.08g