• Vintage Multi Gemstone Chain Bracelet


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    A pretty bracelet from the late 20th Century, circa 1990s. The bracelet is made from gilded silver (or silver gilt) giving it a very pale gold appearance, and has a line of gemstones individually claw set across the wrist.  The gemstones are mainly garnets of various colours ranging from deep red to a fiery orange. There is one gemstone that has an olive green/brown appearance and seemingly tests as a type of quartz. In between the coloured gemstones are little white sapphires. The combination is very pretty and the bracelet looks beautiful on the wrist. It is finished with a circular link bracelet and has a replacement 9kt gold catch and jump ring that is hallmarked and has a date letter for 1998.


    Materials - Silver Gilt (acid tested as 925 silver), 9kt gold fastenings, Garnets, Quartz

    Age - C1980/90s

    Size - The bracelet measures approx 6 3/4" in length and would fit a small to medium wrist. The gemstones are approx 6mm in diameter.

    Condition - Good. Some of the gold gilding has worn over time revealing the silver beneath.

    Weight - 6.34g