• SOLD Vintage Portugese Silver Filigree Enamel Charm Bracelet


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    A pretty charm bracelet from the mid 20th Century, circa 1940s. The bracelet was originally made in Portugal and is made from 833 silver. This is distinguished by the tiny hallmarks on the clasp. There are 12 pretty charms in total, each made from exquisite silver filigree work and with accents of blue and green enamel. The charms range from a birdcage to a whistle (which works!) and it is a very charming piece. There are some traces of gold gilding on the bracelet, but the overall appearance is of silver with a lovely vintage patina. It is in excellent condition and all original.


    Materials - 833 Silver (hallmarked), Enamel

    Age - C1940s

    Size - The bracelet measures 7" long. Each charm varies in size, but they are approximately between 10 and 15mm long.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 22.4g