• SOLD Vintage Sterling Silver Coiled Snake Bracelet


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    A wonderful snake bracelet, I believe, dating to the early part of the 20th Century, c1930s/40s. The bracelet is made from sterling silver. It is a wonderfully spaced bracelet that coils around the wrist and gives fantastic arm coverage. The snakes body is beautifully textured and his head has a slight dragon look to it with beautiful intricate carving in the silver. He is in excellent condition and looks fabulous on the wrist. There is a good amount of movement in the bracelet, that is best worn by sliding it on the wrist from the side, and it has a perfect solid structure when in place.


    Materials - Sterling Silver (tested, marked Standard)

    Age - C1930s-40s

    Size - The head of the snake measures approx 21mm long by 11mm wide. The bracelet fits a small to medium wrist well, approx 6-7", though I believe it would fit most wrists.

    Condition - Excellent

    Weight - 27.02g