• SOLD Wonderful Jelly Opal Bead Necklace


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    A wonderful necklace to add to any neck stack of necklaces or to be worn alone. This beautiful strand of jelly opals exhibits an array of colours with a lovely soft glow. The beads have a mildly orange hue about them, though when worn in the sun, they glisten prettily with all the colours of the rainbow, as you would expect from opals. In some lights they appear bluer; always a magical stone. The beads have a sterling silver clasp, marked 925, and are threaded onto jewellery wire.


    Materials - Sterling Sliver (marked), Jelly Opals

    Age - Contemporary, made within the last 20 years

    Size - The beads are slightly graduated in size with the main central bead measuring approx 7mm in diameter. The necklace is approx 16 1/4" long.

    Condition - Very good

    Weight - 9.57g